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Design Mario Botta

Destroyed by an avalanche in 1986, the Church of San Giovanni Battista in the hamlet of Mogno was rebuilt by the famous Ticino architect Mario Botta. This unique construction in the world, circular and windowless, is built with granite and marble from the avalanche.


Design Ivano Gianola

Behind the massive window fronts, the cultural creativity of southern Switzerland finds plenty of space. 2500 square metres of exhibition space, spread across five floors, are dedicated to art. Here, changing exhibitions and the collection which resulted from the fusion of the Cantonal Art Museum (MASI) and the City of Lugano's Museum of Modern Art give you an understanding of the Ticinesi soul. 

Monte Tavaro

Design Mario Botta

Its innovative design represents a new take on religious architecture. Built of porphyry, it stands on the edge of a slope opening onto an amazing panorama. The paintings by Enzo Cucchi occupy two main areas – the vault of the footbridge, where there is a tall cypress tree, and the very heart of the church. 

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