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St Moritz

Design Lord Norman Foster

Chesa Futura ('house of the future' in Romansch) fuses state-of-the-art computer design tools with centuries-old construction techniques to create an environmentally sensitive apartment building. Although its form is novel, it is framed and clad in timber - one of the oldest and most sustainable building materials. 


Design Oikios Architects

The wow-factor for guests at this luxury hotel is the ripple effect created by the 691 unique laser-cut panels, which have a champagne-coloured metallic coating. In bright sunlight, the building positively shimmers. The panels are supported by another 62,000 individual pieces which were used to build the envelope.


Design Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer

The Kirchner Museum Davos was the first large commission to be realised by Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer. It is now seen as a pioneering example of a new understanding of museum architecture, combining functionality and aesthetics, intrinsic architectural value and service to art in a remarkable way.


Design Peter Zumthor 

The idea was to create a form of cave or quarry like structure. Working with the natural surroundings the bath rooms lay below a grass roof structure half buried into the hillside. The Therme Vals is built from layer upon layer of locally quarried Valser Quarzite slabs. This stone became the driving inspiration for the design, and is used with great dignity and respect.


Design Ivano Gianola

Behind the massive window fronts, the cultural creativity of southern Switzerland finds plenty of space. 2500 square metres of exhibition space, spread across five floors, are dedicated to art. Here, changing exhibitions and the collection which resulted from the fusion of the Cantonal Art Museum (MASI) and the City of Lugano's Museum of Modern Art give you an understanding of the Ticinesi soul. 

Monte Tavaro

Design Mario Botta

Its innovative design represents a new take on religious architecture. Built of porphyry, it stands on the edge of a slope opening onto an amazing panorama. The paintings by Enzo Cucchi occupy two main areas – the vault of the footbridge, where there is a tall cypress tree, and the very heart of the church. 

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